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WordPress Function Reference*

On the left you'll find a quick and easy list of WP functions with sort options and a nice search function. We have only the functions at this site, so all other references will open a new window at the original site (typically codex.wordpress.org) and are marked with a ↗.

While these function descriptions are at wordpress.org, with over 900 functions, they aren't easy to find when having to wade through that many various functions. What we've tried to do here is to create a method to quickly and easily locate and display WP functions via the menu on the left. Some functions will still be linked to wordpress.org and we'll try to locate and correct those as we go. Some functions have no data, and will simply display a blank page. These functions either have no definition available, or for some reason when we spidered wordpress.org, the page didn't fetch. We'll also be trying to catch and correct those as time goes on.

• Add "report' and "contribute" links for each definition and section to allow visitors to assist in troubleshooting.
• Locate and correct bad links
• Locate and add missing functions.


*not affiliated with WordPress. We just wanted to make it easier to reference the functions.